Saturday, February 26, 2011

King County Arts Bills move on to Rules Committee for placement on the Floor Calendars

Both HB 1997 and SB 5834 passed out of their respective Ways & Means Committees on February 25, 2011. Both await placement on the Floor Calendar, currently residing in Rules Committee (HB 1997 in the House, SB 5834 in the Senate).

HB 1997, "Providing economic development by funding tourism promotion, workforce housing, art and heritage programs, and community development."

Sponsors: Representatives Orwall, Kenney, Goodman, Fitzgibbon, Maxwell, Santos, Pedersen



bmac said...

so as according to below, Mar 7 we will know if this makes it out of the house

Mr Baker said...

True. As of today, HB 1997 was placed on the Floor Calendar. It should show up on the House Report in the next day or two.

SB 5834 is has passed out of the Rules Committee but has not yet been placed on the Senate Floor Calendar. The Senate runs things differently then the House, they could Caucus for 5 minutes, put the bill on the Floor Calendar, and vote on it an hour later.

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