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Fwd: Constituent: About the Sonics

You wish you lived in my Legislative District.

Rep. David Frockt replied to my email (below).


Thanks for your note.  We are looking at all options.

My last memorable Sonics game was the clincher in game 5 of the 2005 Western Conference series against the Kings.  My wife and I were there and it was fantastic.  (We don't need to talk about the years after that.)  Sports are a big part of the civic life of a region and I think we need to have NBA basketball back in the Puget Sound.  This was our original team.  Imagine Boston without the Red Sox or Chicago without the Cubs.  I think for many of us, that is what it feels like here without a team.

As was reported, Rep. Mike Hope and I are planning to work with community groups and civic and business leaders to lay the groundwork for a team when one becomes available.   We have had good responses from a number of elected officials  and civic leaders already.  The past is the past, and I think there is a feeling that it is time to renew this effort.

As you know, our state and region are facing major budget and economic pressures.  So we have to be realistic about what is politically possible.  That said, where there is a will there is a way.   Even in this economic climate, other regions are finding ways to build or renovate arenas in ways that are sensitive to taxpayers by leveraging private sector resources . We have to be creative and we are going to need big time support from the private sector - a deep private pocket to make this thing a reality.   

I was really encouraged by the supportive emails on this.   We'll be in touch as things develop.

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A friend sent me an email indicating that you and Rep. Hope have an interest in finding a way to return the NBA to Seattle.
I would be interested in what your ideas are on this.
In the end I think we end up with another PFD, or expanding the role of the Convention Center PFD.
One of the few revenue streams other states or municipalities have used is a "jock tax". Rodney Tom sank HB 2912 with a dozen amendments, ironically, one of those amendments would have fully funded a new arena.
I do not see the legislature mustering the votes for a B&O tax, but a "fee" of some kind would be worth considering.
Having Kobe Bryant pay for a new arena is an easier sell than Just about anything I have heard.

Anyway, I've been following this for a few years. Keep me informed.

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