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I'm good either way.

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@grist @michelebachmann #tellgrist It's run for the presidency, or I sell clothing for pets on QVC. I'm good either way.


Peter said...

great news about the arena talks in bellevue. the only thing i kind of wondered about is one of the articles said the nba in the arena was "putting the cart before the horse". i'm sure if the eventual arena meets both NBA and NHL standards both leagues will come, but is it possible the group will build an arena too small for the NBA like winnipeg's to maybe cut costs or cut competiton? i've heard winnipeg's new arena only seats 15,500. way too small for the NBA. the last thing we need is a "reverse" key redo with the new arena not being nba ready to shut down competition.

Mr Baker said...

Winnipeg has about 700,000 people, but not much more beyond that as part of it's media market. They can inflate the prices of sone of the cheap seats due to scarcity to make up for not seating 17k. They will have no problem filling that arena and getting ticket revenue.
Every night is hockey night in Canada.

Seattle/Bellevue has 1.5 to 2.5 million people to draw on, so, there isn't a point in building anything smaller than Key Arena. Most arenas are between 18 and 22 seats. But as we know, it isnt just the seats, it is the maximum configuration for other events, and the enclosed footprint for retail and restaurants.

Key is 350,000 sf (roughly), the remodel would have enclosed the footprint and nearly doubled the retail space.
That is why this is a real estate problem. You need a developer willing to construct what is essentially a mall around an arena.

This could be a great development project for an area that is looking to transition to a different economy, or draw an amenity for a community. Unlike Safeco and Seahawk stadiums, this will have activity in January through March darn near every night.

Peter said...

most people seem to think that getting land will be a big issue, especially in bellevue. what kinds of things could they do to solve this? do you see the city of bellevue using eminant domain for the arena or offering city owned land to the group? chris daniels did tweet that land is the biggest issue, so i'm hoping we dont have to deal with the state. fingers crossed....i mean if the funding wasnt already or almost in place, wouldn't getting funding be the biggest issue, not land?

Mr Baker said...

City of Bellevue is in no position right now to lead on this. The private sector land barrons will have to get off their asses and do their own work. Bellevue is not taking land to give to a Chicago developer to build a NHL arena.

Everybody wants something for nothing right now, free land, or a parking garage, or a train.

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