Friday, June 10, 2011

What will Dean Carlson do?

There is no good reason that should know the name, Dean Carlson (no offense). But it appears that I have seen Mr. Carlson read bill reports to legislators for the past few years, most of them saying almost the same thing about Lodging taxes and arts funding.

Then, I would see either the Senate spreadsheet of columns in blank and white, or the house spreadsheet with the red and blue arrows showing the endings and beginnings of funds.

At some point there would be a question about rental car tax credits. Folks from Yakima would testify and request inclusion in the bill, since they participate in using the "stadium" tax in Yakima. Yakima got screwed.

On Wednesday, June 15th, the governor is scheduled to sign the Arts funding bill, SB 5834.

What will Dean Carlson do now that he doesn't have the recurring arts bill and stadium funding spreadsheets?
I'm thinking I'm going to see Mr. Carlson, or somebody else from committee Staff, read the new Professional Athlete's Fee bill next session (and hopefully just next session).


Peter said...

if there is an bill next year for the athlete fees, user fees, seat licensing, etc, do you think chopp will actually listen this time? it would free up the stadium taxes to go to other things, but chopp has said that he "is not interested in funding sports facilities" before. going to a position most people could support may help, but i just hope he will play ball. rodney tom supporting something similar could be an indicator, couldn't it? arent chopp and tom similiar in their opinions on the arena issue?

Mr Baker said...

Rodney Tom proposed a jock tax bill in 2007/08.

The issue has always been about taking money, or potential money, from the general fund. An athlete fee would not take from the general fund.

The biggest obstacle I see are the folks on the far Right that oppose any fee or tax, and folks on the far Left that oppose sports funding in any way. I think the middle of that is just about big enough for a majority vote to pass. It will take a lot of educating on the part of the bill sponsors.

The Task Force was formed with the approval of Frank Chopp. I can't say he willapprove the final product, but it is a start.

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