Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Endorsement filler 2009, I have voted!

I have endorsed two candidates on some higher profile races. Now, I am down to filling in the ovals and thought I would throw in the last two names of each race that I have not already written about.

King County Executive: Ross Hunter and Fred Jarrett as the top two primary candidates.

Court of Appeals only has two people running, flip your own coin, or write me in, I can be Appealing, sometimes.

Port of Seattle, Pos 3: Rob Holland, or Al Yuen

Port of Seattle, Pos 4: Tom Albro, or Robert Walker

I endorse Mallahan and McGinn as the top two for Mayor of Seattle.

City of Seattle Council Pos 4: Sally Bagshaw, or David Bloom

City of Seattle Council Pos 6: Marty Kaplan, or Jessie Israel

City of Seattle Council Pos 8: Robert Rosencrantz, or David Miller.

The plastic bag tax: a great thing to do, the dumbest loop-hole riddled method to make it happen.
Did you know that a business with annual gross sales of less than one million dollars get to retain 100% of the total amount they collect?
Your King County voter pamphlet, page 21, section D, item 1.

Not only will many local businesses I go to be required to account for a tax they keep, but that more then covers the cost of that bag.

Just ban the bag, and give sponsored reusable bags to every home.