Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why I think Edward B. Murray should be Mayor of Seattle

Not for the Joni Balter reasons (the un-entrenched are not worthy), but because State Route 520 bridge is the next big thing heading toward the Seattle tax payers, the state, and the Montlake neighborhood.

This is a billion dollar decision that will last half a century. Of the candidates, or potential candidates. You know the details of this better than the rest, having served as state chair of the House Transportation Committee.

A poll taken to gauge Ed Murray's viability as a write-in candidate for Seattle mayor shows the state senator finishing in second place, behind Joe Mallahan and ahead of Michael McGinn.

But when people are reminded who Murray is, a long-time lawmaker, he finished first, Murray said Thursday.

Murray, who said he was encouraged by the survey's results, said he'd decide next week whether to seek the city's top job against the environmentalist McGinn and businessman Mallahan. He said the poll results showed that up to 70 percent of voters would consider his candidacy.

"That shows softness all over the place," said Murray, a Democrat who represents Seattle's 43rd legislative district.SeattlePI.COM: Murray, considering mayoral bid, encouraged by poll result

This will be on the mayor's plate in a hurry, and the city needs an advocate that knows the issue inside and out.

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