Monday, August 24, 2009

The Secret Life of (Dorsol) Plants

The election numbers were released today, nothing really changed. Laura Onstot at the SeattleWeekly marveled at the distant but respectable showing of third place finisher in the Seattle City Council Position 8 race, Dorsol Plants. Placing third is not what is newsworthy, doing it with $7,000, and holding down a full-time day-job is.
Bloom won a trip to the general, but raised eyebrows when he only managed 18 percent of the vote (at last count) despite his long-standing local ties, a $69,000 fundraising effort, and cable television ads. Plants ran his campaign on a shoestring, raising less than $7,000. But he worked hard, attending every campaign forum and local political event he could while holding down a job at the Family and Adult Service Center trying to get homeless vets some kind of employment.
The Daily Weekly: The Other Incredibly Effective Low(er) Budget Candidate

Point taken, and well made.

The Bloom campaign is "The Reform Candidate".
Neighborhoods is the theme, and the reform goes like this:
City administration has focused on an expensive development plan for South Lake Union and Mercer Street designed to help big business without regard to the larger needs of our city.
Bloom: Issues & Ideas

Bloom is endorsed by Nick Licata. Both should be experiencing an identity crisis. The champions of downtown lost in one mayoral contest. So, are the reformers going to have anything to reform? If that is their raison d'ĂȘtre then should they exist?

They have to do more than oppose somebody that used to be mayor, they have to be for something with an actual plan for making it happen. Everybody is for "affordable housing". Dorsol plants came in third and that is his job.

Where does money come from, are the sorces of funding willing, or have they been overtaxed?
All you "reformers", your excuse for not making happen your asparations happen will be leaving. Not getting something done now is on you.

Lastly, it is unlikely Nickels and Drago supporters will support Mike McGinn, even if Joe Mallahan is going to kill the Mercer rebuild. If Mike McGinn gets 45% of the vote I will be shocked.

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