Wednesday, August 12, 2009

James Donaldson recommended by 46th LD Republicans

As reported by Mike Seely at the SeattleWeekly, James Donaldson is a big man with a big reach all the way to the 46th Legislative District Republicans (not that there's anything wrong with it).

So, why the power move to the Right?
Donaldson doesn't have the cash on hand to match his rivals' air games, which has his camp putting a good amount of faith in direct mail and turning out three oft-overlooked constituencies: (1) Republicans, (2) members of Save Our Sonics, which endorsed Donaldson last week and has 15,000 members, according to Donaldson campaign manager Cindi Laws, and (3) "20,000 WSU alums" who live in the area, according to Laws (Donaldson graduated from Wazzu). Will this be enough for Donaldson to make the finals? We'll soon find out.
SeattleWeekly: Republicans Dig Donaldson, And Hopefully Area Wazzu Alums Will Too

See the full list of recommendations from the 46th LD Republicans here: 46th LD Republicans (Seattle, WA) -

As I read mostly James Donaldson's 134 point plan I thought it had a "republican-ish" feel to it.
Read it here.
Hopefully Publicola did not exclude Donaldson from its "special series of Q&As this weekend with the four major candidates for Seattle mayor" because Donaldson was reaching out to Republicans.

At the time of their story Donaldson was 3rd in the polls, and yet he was excluded from being in their top 4.

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