Friday, March 19, 2010

The Convention Center Bill SB 6889 now includes the 2.8% County-Wide Hotel Tax

The Senate Ways & Means Committee has submitted a substitute to SB 6889 that now includes the King County 2.% Hotel Tax.

The rate of the tax may not exceed seven percent within the
portion of the district that corresponds to the boundaries of the
largest city within the public facilities district and may not exceed
2.8 percent in the remainder of the district.
Section 5, part 5, page 9.

What is the Public Facilities District authorized to do with that money?
Public facilities districts (PFD) are municipal corporations and independent taxing districts. A PFD may be created by resolution of the county legislative authority and their boundaries are coextensive with those of the county. Public facilities districts are authorized to acquire, build, own, and operate sports facilities, entertainment facilities, or convention facilities or
any combination of such facilities, and for districts formed after January 1, 2000, recreational facilities other than ski areas together with contiguous parking facilities.
Senate Report for SB 6889

Some people recognize leverage when they see it.

Next stop, Senate Rules Committee, then the Senate Floor.