Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Win-Win Space Needle's Whirligig

The Fun Forest Use Public Meeting discussion was a testimony to interlocking businesses, often speaking in the past tense of the future decision.

It has been decided, like it or not.

And still, the space in question will be competively bid out in the open.


Peter said...

so if the athlete taxes were deposited in the PFD account, would the PFD have total control of them, or could the state reclaim the tax later? that is what i'm worried about, the state wanting it for the general fund. they started the stadium taxes originally to fund stadiums, and the state now wants it for public housing. what's to stop them from reclaiming it for the general fund?

Mr Baker said...

The control of those accounts identified in the PFD bill are transferred to the PFD.

bmac said...

so whats happening to the fun forest site

Mr Baker said...

Part of it is going to be green space, and another part is going to be green $pace, a gift shop for the Space Needle owners, a Dale Chihuly branded shop.

The enclosed space where they put the bumper cars will get a pretty shell.
The master plan shows that as open space.
I don't have a problem with a commercial space, or Dale Chihuly, it is (as David Brewster said) the first time somebody proposes to uses what is supposed to be open space we have the local officials cave in.

There is other enclosed space on the site, put it there.

There were 400 people signed up to comment, not me.
Met Jason Reid. He gave me a couple DVDs.

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