Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Special Session in Olympia: $800 Million Dollars, April 6th or 7th

Today, Everett Herald writer Jerry Cornfield reports where the legislature is at on the budget.
Democrats, who hold majorities in both chambers, agree on an amount, $800 million, but not on how to generate all of those dollars.

They're deadlocked on about a quarter of that sum, with the Senate saying it should come from a higher sales tax and the House disagreeing. That chamber is pushing an end to tax breaks for large banks, out-of-state residents and buyers of custom-made software programs.

Yesterday, Kitsap Sun writer Steven Gardner reported on a possible end date to the special session
[State Senator Tim] Sheldon predicted the session will end on April 6 or 7, assuming Gov. Chris Gregoire gets assurances from the federal governmentthat it will commit to health care money that the state can “book” into its budget.

The conspiracy theory would be: they did not know how much help they were going to get from the federal government so they have been running in place for a month while they wait.

So, maybe we will see things start back up in Olympia, and hopefully some bills I have been following will get some action.