Friday, April 2, 2010

Convention Center Public Facilities District bill passed the Legislature

While we were all acting as the April Fools the Washington State Senate snuck in and passed a couple bills, one of which was SB 6889.

This moves on to the governor to sign.

A new Public Facilities District will appoint nine members for the new board.
The control of the Seattle 7% lodging tax (5+2% tax credit), and the King County 2.8% lodging tax authority shifts to the new PFD no later than June 2011.


Peter said...

i am wondering why the law saying the county can't use the hotel conv center funds for pro sports was repealed. it seems like repealing that law would give the county authority to skim 1 percent for keyarena since the conv center folks already looked favorable on that.

Mr Baker said...

The state laws that give the state control of those funds were repealed. The state restriction on those funds were, for the most part, repealed as well.
You can't have one without the other.

bmac said...

when can we expect to find out the fate of 2912 , seems this session is lasting forever

Anonymous said...

I agree....When are they going to put a bow on this session?

Mr Baker said...

The 6th and 7th turned out to be a big "no" from the House side.
Today is day 24 of a possible 30 day special session.
Unless the two halves can argree then they may just end it and let to governor chop everything 20%, she has little choice in picking and choosing what to chop.
So, I think they have to get some kind of agreement by Friday afternoon in order to draft a bill, give everybody 24 hours to consume it, and then vote on it in both houses.

I think they are getting closer, the Olympian story had both sides agreeing to the beer tax.

I think the governor has a few bills she is holding until she sees a revenue bill to pay for them.

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