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Partner with the new Public Facilities District on our enclosed space | Seattle Center Foundation

The Seattle Center is looking for good ideas. The effort is connected to the 50th anniversary of the World's Fair.

Please check out "the Buzz" and maybe subscribe (HERE) if you had any heartburn over the Space Needle glass gift shop. Don't be surprised two years from now because you were not paying attention from the word go.

This will be an interesting effort for the Seattle Center. It is a community asset in transition. What is a little strange is that the effort looks like a second run at the Seattle Center Master Plan that the city council accepted over a year ago. Soliciting more ideas now looks like it would compete with that unfunded plan.

You can also submit your ideas, below is a direct link to my suggestion (vote for mine, thanks). From there you can click around to sign up to submit your own on the "Brainstorm Wall".

Partner with the new Public Facilities District on our enclosed space
This past legislative session passed into law SB 6889, the creation of a new Public Facilities District. The State of Washington, King County, and the City of Seattle will appoint a board for the new PFD. That PFD will have resources/funding, and already has shown an ability to get the most out of the Washington State Convention Center.
I think that a limited partnership with the new PFD could leverage their skills with the Seattle Center enclosed spaces to manage a limited number of dates for smaller conventions or medium sized corporate gatherings. In exchange those enclosed spaces could get minor renovations funded by part of the city’s sales tax credit on hotels that is being transferred to the new PFD.
Get the most out of all of the enclosed spaces on the site, and limit the number of enclosed spaces. Getting the most out of what we have could help keep the open spaces open.

Click the link and vote, and share on Facebook.

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Peter said...

from the griffin article:
"Based on this quote, I decided to call Matt Griffin this afternoon, who along with Steve Ballmer, John Stanton, and Jim Sinegal, offered to front the money for a renovated basketball arena and to buy an NBA team and bring it to Seattle. Griffin told me that they have not had any discussions with NBA teams and until there is a plan in place for a new arena, there really isn't anything for them to do. Griffin also said that getting a team is the "least of our worries because teams are available." He explained to me that the group hasn't discussed this issue with the state legislature in quite some time and the group has not met to discuss the NBA interests in awhile."

would you say the prospects for the ballmer group to get a deal done for an arena are better now then they were in that interview? it seems like the PFD being formed is huge news. i understand what you're saying, not even the keyarena redo can happen right away because of the economy, but what it the liklihood the group shuns keyarena and partners w/ the PFD on an brand new arena? in the interview, griffin dosen't mention keyarena by name, he just says "
new arena".

Peter said...

"Do they partner, or do they slice off a tiny portion for KeyArena, I have no idea."

so if the county wants an renovated keyarena we don't have to go back to the state again? the county PFD can decide this on their own w/ the 1 percent next year? we only have to go back to the state for athlete taxes if we want an new arena if i understand it right.

Peter said...

if the PFD does decide to build an new arena with athlete taxes, what about whatever ownership group buys a team for seattle? would they have to support the athlete taxes?

Mr Baker said...

The pfd has a 9 member board, 3 from the city, state, and county.

I do not know what combinations of interests, what the resulting arena will be (new or remodel), but I know that if I encourage enough of the right people to think about it then something might happen.

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