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Poll Question Photo: Is Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn Wearing Pants?

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[Editor's note: it has come to my attention that Mayor Mike McSandbag (see above) does appear that he looks to see "if there are other less viable options out there?" (thanks Myk). I go further to say that he is repulsed by the horseless carrage, desires bicycles and trains, he may, indeed be a dandy, what I will call a neo-dandy. I have no proof positive, though I do not know for sure that he was actually wearing breeches (fancy pants, see below). So, for this poll I will be unable to include breeches because votes have already been taken. So, select the best possible answer, or, second best after breeches.]

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Just askin'
The poll was open for one week, closed on 4/23/2010.
Here are the results of the "Is Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn Wearing Pants?" poll conducted by ManyWordsForRain Communication Consultant, me. I will not charge you $5 to see the results (you are welcome).

Is Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn Wearing Pants?

Yes, bicycling type
  1 (7%)
Yes, bell bottoms
  0 (0%)
No Pants or Tie
  3 (23%)
No, and I don't want to think about it
  9 (69%)

Analisys: There was one (1) yes. I have to assume that if the mayor was not wearing pants that a reporter would have noted that fact. So, those responding "No" may be projecting a negative a false state, reflective of their opinion of the mayor.

I intend to conduct the same poll quarterly to see if there is a trend.


nesgodawg said...

Nope and I think there is some Vaseline close to him too.

Mr Baker said...

Ed Glosser, Trivial Psychic, knew you were going to say that.

He needs is because he is a marathon runner, it prevents chaffing. He runs far, far away from reality, to state road issues.

Mr Baker said...

Play nice!

MarkS said...

With his girth McGinn is not a marathon runner much less the bike commuter he often claims to be.

myk said...

even though the majority of people have decided he isn't wear pants...should we put together a committee and hold a town hall meeting to discuss if there are other less viable options out there?

Mr Baker said...

Fair point Myk, I'll note an assumption under the picture.

AK1984 said...
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Peter said...

someone posted this on SC:
"Paul Allen owns the Rose Garden, so he has no leverage. And he just paid had a small renovation done shortly after he took the team off the market. Don’t be surprised if Ballmer buys Vulcan Sports (Blazers, Seahawks), especially if Allen’s cancer gets worse. But that would be to keep the team down there. There are enough local businessmen in Seattle who would gladly get the capital for a team if there was an arena, doesn’t have to be Steven."

do you think this is even possible, or is it just a crazy idea? we may be looking too much into allen and ballmer sitting together, but it seems to me with the PFD being formed ballmer would at least stick it out. no one in seattle has the connections w/ the league that he does right now.

Mr Baker said...

That's pure bullshit.

Peter said...

baker mentioned giving the PFD the parking taxes from safeco for safeco field next year as a possibility. is doing this a sign that there won't be athlete taxes? i still think if safeco ever needs a major renovation, we may need the athlete taxes for the PFD because the parking taxes won't be enough money. having the athlete taxes sets the PFD up prettty much forever, never happening to go back to the state for a long time, if ever.

Mr Baker said...

If you have the parking tax long term then you can plan to save money for those larger capital expenses.
There is a PFD just for Safeco, it does not have the right to save money from those taxes for any ongoing major capital items.

Peter said...

when should we know what dow has decicded to do, an keyarena redo or an new arena? i would much prefer an brand new arena, though we could run out of teams if we wait 3 or 4 years for that. it would have to be within the next 2 years imo. also we have to question in whether ballmer wants an new arena and not a key redo. i recall griffin saying in an interview a few years back that they "weren't interested" in a brand new arena. and that they were "worried about keyarena". not sure how much that has changed.

Peter said...

on another note, won't they condemn safeco for the just created PFD? the law says the new PFD can "own" sports facilities as well as maintain, improve and construct them.

Mr Baker said...

The Safeco PFD and the Convention Center PFD are two different groups, how long that lasts, years, forever, is unknown. But it is true that the Convention Center PFD can develop facilities that improve tourism, including sports facilities.

My guess is that would become a discussion in a year or two when the bonds are being paid off.

On the new PFD front, I would expect this to be an ongoing broader conversation between the state, county, and Seattle. I mentioned that in emails to Fred Jarrett and Jan Drago, they both agreed.
The new pfd must be formed by June 2011, what shape that takes will take a few months, and if they want to do something bigger then they may start developing a plan for next year's legislative session.

Once I figure out which committees this will flow through for selecting board members I can get a sense of pace and timing by what those folks do.

Peter said...

someone else posted this on SC:

"So Steve Ballmer will continue the Harry Glickman/Paul Allen model with the Hawks and Blazers. That leaves us stranded in nowheresville."

why does that idea keep coming up?

Peter said...

"The new pfd must be formed by June 2011, what shape that takes will take a few months, and if they want to do something bigger then they may start developing a plan for next year's legislative session."

i still think i have a valid concern about teams not being available for long for the ballmer group to buy. in the past year, we've crossed off the nets, bobcats, and hornets as potential teams for the ballmer group to buy. add to that the warriors about to be sold to ellison and how many teams are left to move here? the longer we wait the more teams that will either be sold to other people or stay in their current cities. they're already talking about a team moving to pittsburgh. if we could get the money for keyarena this year, i think it would be preferred. i don't think we have 3 or 4 years to get funding and approve an brand new arena. at most i think we have 2 years to approve an arena. we could always get the athlete taxes later and build an brand new arena 10 or 15 years down the road.

Mr Baker said...

Ok, let's so you are right, what can you do about it?
I can not afford to buy a team right now. Those that could will not without aviable arena, and I agree with them on that point. So, working on people that decide such things is all I can do, and if that doesn't happen soon enough then that is just the way it is.

Now let's say you are wrong, we still have the same situation.

It simply does not matter right now. If only finding an available team was the problem for the past 8 years, Peter, but it hasn't.

Peter said...

i wasn't trying to come across as mad at all. what i meant is with the pace teams are either staying in their current cities or changing hands, maybe it would be better for the county to immediately go to work on the keyarena renovation. the plans are there, the funding is planned, the ballmer group is still in as of february, and as long as the hotel people still look at using the 1 percent favorably and the city dosen't go back on the ticket taxes offer, we should be able to get it done. all the pieces are potentially there as i understand it.

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