Friday, April 16, 2010

Poll Question Photo: Is Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn Wearing Pants?

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[Editor's note: it has come to my attention that Mayor Mike McSandbag (see above) does appear that he looks to see "if there are other less viable options out there?" (thanks Myk). I go further to say that he is repulsed by the horseless carrage, desires bicycles and trains, he may, indeed be a dandy, what I will call a neo-dandy. I have no proof positive, though I do not know for sure that he was actually wearing breeches (fancy pants, see below). So, for this poll I will be unable to include breeches because votes have already been taken. So, select the best possible answer, or, second best after breeches.]

(photo from Wikipedia)

Just askin'
The poll was open for one week, closed on 4/23/2010.
Here are the results of the "Is Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn Wearing Pants?" poll conducted by ManyWordsForRain Communication Consultant, me. I will not charge you $5 to see the results (you are welcome).

Is Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn Wearing Pants?

Yes, bicycling type
  1 (7%)
Yes, bell bottoms
  0 (0%)
No Pants or Tie
  3 (23%)
No, and I don't want to think about it
  9 (69%)

Analisys: There was one (1) yes. I have to assume that if the mayor was not wearing pants that a reporter would have noted that fact. So, those responding "No" may be projecting a negative a false state, reflective of their opinion of the mayor.

I intend to conduct the same poll quarterly to see if there is a trend.