Sunday, July 11, 2010

MIT Comparative Media Studies: Theses

Here is some summer reading:
MIT Comparative Media Studies: Theses
Interpreting Abstract Games: The Metaphorical Potential of Formal Game Elements

New Medium, New Practice: Civic Production in Live-Streaming Mobile Video

Not Just in It to Win It: Inclusive Game Play in an MIT Dorm

Designing Game Ethics: A Pervasive Game Adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo

A Brief History of Re-performance

Audience Research for Fun and Profit: Rediscovering the Value of Television Audiences

What I will be reading, at the very least, is from: AUDUBON DOUGHERTY,
New Medium, New Practice: Civic Production in Live-Streaming Mobile Video.

Think about everybody that has a cell phone today having that two-way streaming video phone everywhere they are. Think of all of the video clips shot, uploaded, sent around, maybe they are protests in another place. Now think of that video streaming live from millions of "phones".

I don't think we will see it or understand it until it is happening, and then we look back. Think back now to re-cell phone, or at least before you and most of the people you know had one.

I am posting this to my blog from my phone, and then I will "Share" it with my "Friends" on Facebook. 10 years ago nobody posted a sentence like that, it would not have any meaning. Words have added meanings unimagined before, therefore the way we think of the world has changed.

The first time I used my iPhone a couple years ago I felt like a spy, living in the present with technology of the future. My last two years at UW, 2007-2009, I was able to do most of my research and draft writing using my "cell phone".
A few months after I got my phone more people had similar technology, at some point we are stop being spies on the present social construct that is influenced by common communication technologies.

What strange and abstract metaphor will explain this next communicative state?
All guessing is wrong, here is mine:
We are entering a multimedia technology juiced world that is part 1950's television show You Are There, part Where the Heck am I (we send live video to friends who tell us when to turn left or right), and part family videographer at the supermarket (look what I am cooking for dinner).


Peter said...

Interesting news about the pacers on SC. They only have to stay til 2013 w/ the deal though. Could the pacers still be a relo target to seattle? If 2013 or 2014 is the timeline, then it fits right in. I was a little disappointed to hear from BR on SC that this would basically have to made an issue again for the county to act. I know the county is really busy on their budget like you said, but what kinds of things could happen to make an arena an issue again with the county? That poll someone ran helps imo.

Peter said...

I can`t believe people are actually comparing indiana`s situation w/ the sonics one. If the pacers were asking for a 200 mil redo or a 500 mil new arena they would be turned down anytime. Any thoughts?In hindsight,I`m glad keyarena isn`t an issue anymore. If it took the team leaving to get people talking about a new arena and the NHL and groups to come forward, then so be it. I`ll gladly wait to 2013 or so for an brand new arena and the NHL.
The important thing is people are trying, and regardless of what it took to get here it is good.

Peter said...

I just dont get where the people on SC are getting their ideas from. First they compare the sonics situation to indianas, then people like sofa king comment. A few weeks ago he was saying 2018 for a new team, now he sounds like hes saying itll never happen. The way i look at it, since there were 3 people commenting on the existance of arena plans, somethings probably happening, right? 3 people(nicastro,brock, detlef) wouldnt just lie, would they? I dont think we should expect to see anything on espn ,Si, or TNT until there is a formal annoucement. Am i right? Why didnt the seattle times report any of this?

JAS said...

I agree that the Pacers’ situation isn’t comparable to ours. The Pacers are getting $33.5 million in public money, while in Seattle it was a matter of $220 million (Schultz), $500 million (Bennett), or $150 million (Ballmer).

The pessimists over at SC don’t know any more than you or me. They’re opinions are based on what has happened in the past. That’s understandable, but I get the sense from Brian and Mr. Baker that things will happen in good time (over the next few years). Probably not this year, but there’s no need to be in a hurry with a lockout coming next summer. I’m not even sure that guys like Ballmer would even want to buy into the NBA until they see that the league can get its economic act together.

JAS said...

"They're opinions are based on what has happened in the past."

Make that "Their opinions are based on what has happened in the past."

Mr Baker said...

The experience so far has a negative effect on everybody, some people hold onto that, some don't, most are some place in the middle.

I rarely talk to Brian, I think I have had a dozen telephone conversations with him, and roughly the same amount of emails. He knows more than he tells me, so he knows different things.
I know some less connected people that tell me some other things, not much.

What you should know is that there are always ideas floating around, some more realistic than others. That's the downside of having more millionaires per square foot.
Nothing is going to happen until it is happening, that is, people just don't talk in public about this kind of thing, it has an impact on a city losing a team, or inflates land values if people know you are building an arena rather than a warehouse.

If you step back from the details, imagine what you would do in this business, and then apply that to the ideas that people make up at SC you can see how sour people can get. It is like dreaming if Vin Baker trades, even though you are never going to see it happen, then, it happened.
Lots of trade rumors to the Knicks and Rockets, next thing you know he is off the Boston.

Mr Baker said...

On an unrelated note: Today SB 6889 becomes law. I am going to send out some emails to see what they will do about the convention center.
If you get a pfd for a basketball arena then the county will have to do similar things.

Peter said...

People won`t talk about arena projects in public, but are brock and detlef`s announcements consistent with would happen for a real plan?

Peter said...

It really bugs me that some people on SC keep on thinking that the arena would have to be built before the team comes. As i understand it, we just have to approve funding to get a team. If the teams don`t come then the deal is null and i correct? Would there still be challanges with building an arena without a team?Xteve seems to think this will have to be a completly private effort. Is the county really that good at doing these kinds of things? Why didnt the county step up when the team was still here? Xteve also said that he "didnt put alot of stock" into brock and det`s reports. Where do you stand on that?If you think about it, they did describe the effort in different ways. One being in the "early stages" and the other "deep in the process". Would there really be that different of accounts of the same effort?

Peter said...

Right now the debate on SC is whether we`ve made progress towards an arena since the team left. I say we have, but several people say we`re in a worse position. What do you think? I really didnt expect seattle to get the warriors anyways, so i dont get what all the talk about another team crossed off as potential sonics 2.0 is. The grizzlies or hornets are more likely imo.

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