Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seattle Times: Tunnel figure says he didn't mean to put city on hook if costs soar

I guess we now know what the true legislative intent is.
Move on everybody, build the tunnel.

The intent, says Rep. Mike Armstrong, R-Wenatchee, was to keep Seattle political and business groups from showing up in Olympia and asking the state to pick up the tab for parks, bike lanes, park-and-ride lots or roads to areas beyond the immediate work zone.

He says he doesn't expect the state Department of Transportation (DOT) to exceed its $2 billion estimate for the tunneled portion of the $3.1 billion highway, which includes $300 million from the Port of Seattle.

"My amendment was not a legal means to get the city to pay for any cost overruns, if there are any," he said Tuesday in a phone interview. "My intent was to send them notice that this project was not going to become a Christmas tree that they can hang everything and anything on, that the state was going to pay for."

Local News | Tunnel figure says he didn't mean to put city on hook if costs soar | Seattle Times Newspaper


Peter said...

Extremly cynical article from dave boling in the news tribune today. I posted this on SC too. I cant post links with my phone though. Does he just not know whats been going on here? He seemed to mention keyarena as the only potential arena solution too. Does he think a private arena/ user fees arent possible? Didnt you say user fees would actually generate money for the state? He never mentioned the PFD either. Does he even know that that progress has been made?
I agree with him, it probably wont happen soon, but to say never is awful cynical.

Peter said...

you have the optimists and you have the pessimists. the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. yes, we will eventually get our arena stuff figured out like all major markets do, but it’ll take some time, maybe a decade or so. 2018 may be an accurate prediction. it may be sooner. none of us know. baker is right, there is just too much money here, and this market is too big to ignore. it is easy to look at the past and say no way but we probably have hit bottom already. at least there are some rumblings about private interests coming forward. that’s different than what we heard before because the private side has no incentive to lie about something like this going on or not. the government probably was hoping the issue went away, but if private interests hope that you wouldn’t hear anything from anybody. even if things are changing, we wont know until we hear something definitive.

Peter said...

I'm sorry but the boling article really got me depressed. does he know anymore than we know? as good as i felt when i heard the brock and detlef news, it was the complete opposite when i read my newspaper this morning. the realist in me says that we cant possibly go forever without an suitable arena, but in the back of my head all the pessimistic voices from all these people on sc and in the media just get me down. i know the pfd being formed is great progress, but i just hope some of the efforts that were reported come forward real soon. if brock and detlef were lying, shame on them. could they have been? i just dont see why they would.

JAS said...

I don’t see why Brock or Detlef would lie. I like Boling, but I don’t think that he knows anything in particular that Brock, Detlef, you, me, Baker, or Brian don’t. I think he’s just giving his opinion, which is mostly based on what has happened in the past, the current economic situation, and the fact that many here are pretty sour on the NBA because of how things went down. That pretty much goes for some of the pessimists over at Sonics Central. They’re just giving their opinions, but they don’t have any special insight. Some will look at the situation and see only the negatives, some will see some positives. Brian and Baker aren’t as optimistic as Brock, but they are not as pessimistic as Boling.
A new team (and/or the NHL) is not coming next week, next month, or even next year (the coming lockout assures the latter). But that doesn’t mean that it’s never going to happen.
Don’t get too excited when you hear Brock or Detlef talk about things going on behind the scenes. At the same time, don’t get too upset when you read or hear gloomy opinions like Boling’s. Like the saying goes, don’t get too high, don’t get too low.

Mr Baker said...

I agree with JAS, and would add that this kind of talk goes on all the time, often by people that do not have the means to buy a team and build an arena. That does not make what they are saying any less true, people talk, make plans, but those plans are almost always missing something, otherwise they would not have to talk about it, they would just do it.

The doing people, they sometimes want to know if they are doing the right thing, or are they wasting their time. That is, sometimes, where you get these random bursts of disconnected information. But, nothing much more is happening today than there was 6 months ago.

A year ago it looked to me that by the end if the year Bennett would be off the hook, and Seattle Center would not be the only possible site. This is absolutely true.
I know that there is interest on the east side, and in Seattle, both are fairly remote right now, but neither has an exclusive path at "the" location, and that is a good thing. You want competition to encourage people to try harder.

The bits that I am currently hearing are not any more likely that anything I heard last year, or the year before. What it is, is, more than one remote effort struggling to put the pieces together.

Peter said...

So the potential efforts we're hearing about are just people sort of testing the waters to see if it`s a good idea? Could one of the "doing people" have ran that poll a few months back to gauge interest?could there be one or more efforts in the early stages trying to put the pieces together?

Mr Baker said...

Polls cost money, clearly somebody wanted to know where the interest is, and by how much.

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