Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seattle Times: New public facilities district to oversee state convention center

SB 6889 passed into law on 7/13/2010. King County did their part yesterday with Ordinance 2010 - 0366. Next, the Convention Center takes control of its funds and funding sources.
They should be able to wrap that up by October.

“This new structure for the Convention Center means the revenue generated by it goes right back into investments in the center, keeping it competitive,” Councilmember Jan Drago, prime sponsor of the measure, said in a statement.
Politics Northwest | New public facilities district to oversee state convention center | Seattle Times Newspaper


Peter said...

so i guess any talk about a combo arena/convention center is dead then, isn't it? if we do build an arena, i would prefer that a public facilities district handle it. it would encourage more people with money to come forward. i dont quite know if private funding would be preffered over user fees though. if they wont sell, i dont see the kings coming here. no one is gonna build an arena for the kings and not own the team. if what brock and det were saying is true and there are groups out there, they would wanna own the team in my book. i dont think comparasions to the lakers and seattle history are accurate. yeah, the lakers count 5 of their championships in their 16 total. but the sonics only had one and by the time the thunder wins an championship we'll probably have our new team.

Mr Baker said...

It is a public facilities district.

I doubt there would be a combo. That takes more space than they have access to right now.
Their point is that they have conventions spending 3 days setting up and clearing out, the actual convention goes on for 3 days (where people show up and spend $2000 on average).
If they had a twin facility on the other side of the street they could set one up while another one was running. So, they are always busy.
They are not passing that up.
That said, they are not limited to only building one facility, or using just their own money.