Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seattle Times: Could a 3-cent city gas tax be in your future?

Localized gas tax, I'm all for it.

Washington cities and counties would gain the power to charge their own gasoline taxes, and increase car-tab collections, under a bill that goes to a Senate Transportation Committee hearing Thursday.
Senate Bill 4306 {sic SB 6582} would amend existing law to allow cities to enact a local gas tax of one, two or three cents per gallon, as described in Section 4 of the bill published Wednesday.
Could a 3-cent city gas tax be in your future?
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SB 6582

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Peter said...

Apparently mcginn spoke about the arena effort yesterday:
It's on the arenasolution twitter. what was interesting is someone said mcginn talked about the efforts in the past tense but then said the effort is stil ongoing. The person commented that it was odd. Maybe the 30 mil land buy was in Bellevue.

Mr Baker said...

The land buy was in Seattle. The mayor said on Seattle Channel's "Ask the Mayor" a few days that the situation hasn't changed. He talked about it as a current situation.

Mr Baker said...

What was in the past tense the hiring of consultants. I listened to the podcast last night.

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