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Vote: Are pro sports good for the economy? Jon Talton, The Seattle Times

The online poll as of 2/25/2012

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Vote: Are pro sports good for the economy? | Jon Talton

There are really good stadium and arena deals, as when the Carolina Panthers pretty much paid for their stadium in downtown Charlotte. And really bad ones, as when the Arizona Cardinals took a taxpayer-funded stadium and put it in the middle of nowhere to help their land speculation plans. Seattle's proposed arena looks somewhere in-between, more on the good side, but the details will still emerge. Having an arena near the other stadiums is also good, leveraging transit and other infrastructure, as opposed to disrupting neighborhoods or sticking it in the exurbs with all the environmental costs associated. Then there's finding teams. I'm not sure the economics can support both the NBA and NHL, but this is a basketball-crazy town (let the anti-Howie comments begin) that misses its Sonics.
Vote: Are pro sports good for the economy? Jon Talton, The Seattle Times


Anonymous said...

Competition is a good thing and I can't agree more. Aside from the usual angst on SC regarding Hansen's proposal one thing I read in the Times yesterday gave me pause for concern. The tunnel overrides to the tune of $200 million. That's a round and very interesting number since that is the exact amount of the "public" contribution from the city and King County. I read that the state would cover this shortfall with gas taxes, but McGinn(!?!) was right about it potentially falling on the city. This could potentially compilcate matters to say the least as far as the arena is concerned. What do you think?

Mr Baker said...

Tunnel funding comes from the state in the form of gas taxes and tolls. They are not related.
The tunnel tolling estimate is based on a fixed period of time. They can extend the period to cover the entire $400 million.

Anonymous said...

Well I'll with that for now, but I hope it doesn't become an issue for the city council.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The leagues seems to be recovering nicely since the lockout if local (and national) TV ratings are any indication. I would say they are. Please don't blow it Seattle.....

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