Saturday, February 4, 2012

Seattle Times: Seattle sports-arena talks well under way, documents show

No new taxes, nothing from the general fund, city waiting on final offer, maybe the Kings drive the process along.

Funny thing about newspapers, the old media, they have old media rights to request public information from public officials.

If Sacramento fails, the Kings could be playing in Seattle next fall if the city and Hansen reach an agreement, according to a Seattle City Hall source who has been briefed on the matter.
Seattle Times: Seattle sports-arena talks well under way, documents show

Game on!

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Anonymous said...

Any news on Mike Hope's proposed player fee legislation?

Mr Baker said...

I have seen nothing from him so far.

Anonymous said...

When does this session end?

Mr Baker said...


I do not see the legislature making meaningful progress to pass a revised budget by that date. It is quite possible that we will hear talk of a Special Session as early as next week.

There are significant changes in tax law that a majority, but not a supermajority, would like to pass.

It is absolutely possible to have a 1% state income tax, and a corporate profits tax, and do away with the B&O tax at the state level.

Right now the state is incapable of closing tax loopholes that nobody technically is able to use anymore. They have issues.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not suprised by this ineptitude by the legislature? Oh well. I don't think the SODO or the (mystery) Bellevue arena efforts would be significantly affected if the player fee measure were to actually get through, but it would help.

Anonymous said...

Make that "wouldn't be significantly affected"

Anonymous said...

What in "Wide, Wide World of Sports" is going on @ SC? Time to torch the M's for being concerned about parking....Still no reports on a formal proposition for the council to consider yet, but hey the sky is falling. So much for waiting this stuff out until we see what actually in front of us.

Mr Baker said...

I think Brian played the "hey, look at Bellevue" card just in time.

I left this comment over at

I am not speaking for Brian there, or really, just being open with them that my name is on a website.
Enough political insiders read there that I think making a statement of some kind was needed.

Give the desperate folks a break, k.

There is a frame that I am more than willing to advocate for. It is as I stated at Publicola, and many years ago made the same point. Advocate for your issue, do not get married to a politician or one plan, but provide a framework and support anyone and anything that jumps in.

Peter said...

I swear if the mariners or Seahawks block this arena i wont go to another game as long as I live. Can they actually BLOCK this? Working with Hansen and the city to mitigate any parking issues is one thing, but to completely block the arena is dispicible. An article in the sonicsgate twitter mentions that forming a tv network is being discussed. Geoff baker has wrote about a MLB nba and NHL tv network in Seattle. He writes for the m's and I hope he is ahead of the curve on this one. Maybe the m's are just holding out for a bigger portion of the tv deal. I hope so.

Mr Baker said...

Technically, no, they can not block this. They may not support it, ok, they may oppose it and keep their nose out of it, ok, they could oppose it and suffer a public flogging, likely involving filmakers, desperate sports fans, and bitter downtown business people that would like to develop property near it.

Let's see how they act before we react.

Peter said...

Art thiel is full of crap. The article he wrote is just plain ridiculous. First of all, the Sounders have a unique fanbase. So does UW. Their fans aren't going anywhere. Second, Denver Is 4 spots smaller as a Market and they have all 6 as well, PLUS they have an NASCAR track. If denver can do it so can we. Denver also has all 3 stadiums downtown and they have less transportation infrastructure than we do. Also, the projected cost of the Arena is 400 million not 500. Has he been living under a rock?

Mr Baker said...

Good writing, poor journalism.

Anonymous said...

A bit of fear mongering by Art IMO. I'm perplexed by his attitude. I always saw him as a pro privately funded arena guy, as well as an advocate for pro basketball. He definitely doesn't think the NHL will fly here.

Anonymous said...

Peter you asked about what an MOU is. It's basically a formally aknowledged agreement between two (can be more) parties. They typically are non-binding. A good example of one is the MOU between the City of Los Angeles and AEG for Farmers Field. Essentially if that stadium never gets built, both parties walk away because it was just an "understanding" not a contract.

Mr Baker said...

Art wrote a book about the Mariners. IMO, he sees them as losers, and adding an arena makes them potential financial losers, too.

Here is a tip for the sports writers out there that are out of work due to the death of the newspaper industry: no sports, no sports reporters.
He is screwing one of his own.

The facts are that the city, county, and state population has and will keep growing.
There will be an arena in Seattle or Bellevue
Pushing the arena out of Seattle and into Bellevue does nothing to resolve the Mariners' issues, nothing. The question for the Mariners, and their water carrier, Art, is: do they want those fans with money going near their facility all winter long, or away to Bellevue.

Bellevue is much further along in this process than they are being given credit for.

Mitch Levy was just on KJR giving the Seahawks and Mariners a hard time, and encouraging people to call them in support of the new arena. He has far more reach than Art does.

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