Sunday, February 19, 2012

State of the City, 2/21/2012, 2:00 PM

A message to you from Mr. Baker:
This is open to the public, the Green and Gold wearing public, too.
State of the City  Click to add this event to your calendar
Date Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Time 2:00 pm PST
Where City Hall
Council Chambers
600 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98104
Mayor's Office Staff Involved Mayor
Mayor's Office event type Community event
Mayor's Office event sponsor City, Mayor's Office
Event Contact Position/Department 684 4000
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Peter said...

Hopefully anti stadium peoole don't show up.

Peter said...

CVD was on kjr today and he said that if the city issues "revenue bonds" it would meet I91 standards and he'd be ok with it. Do you think the city will do this to take him out of the equation? I looked up a bit about revenue bonds and only revenue from a certain event/events can pay off the bonds not taxes. They are the 2nd strongest bonds out there. Sounds promising that CVD would at least consider that position. We don't need a lawsuit or county wide initiative.

Mr Baker said...

CVD 1. didn't likely think of that idea on his own. 2. He is foreshadowing a path were he can agree with the proposal.

Both good signs.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic but regarding the 4hour rule for large events in SODO. Was it for events of 20,000 or more? Because if the proposed arena seats say 18,500 that makes it a moot point for people like Art Thiel using it as a red herring and speculating that this venue would seat 22,000. What are your thoughts?

Peter said...

They say the proposed arena only seats 18,000.

Mr Baker said...

I will look into the traffic rules. One I have found is shoulder driving before and after "major events".

The 4th Avenue S. ramp will be designed with a wide shoulder to allow
PSA Stadium Exhibition Center parking garage patrons to use the
shoulder as a lane prior to events, while the travel lane would be
used by both through traffic and garage traffic. After major events,
garage patrons would exit in a westbound direction on the S. Royal
Brougham Way structure, and eastbound (reversible) on the 4th Avenue
S. ramp. Major events include Major League Baseball and Professional
Football, or are defined as events with a projected attendance of
25,000 or more, and being a time-specific event. Shoulder driving
would be permitted two hours prior to an event, and the reversible
operation on the 4th Avenue S. ramp would be permitted for up to one
hour after the event. The reversible operation on the 4th Avenue S.
ramp would not be allowed during the a.m. or p.m. traffic peak. One
lane out of the garage will be allowed access to the S. Royal Brougham
Way structure during event ingress, to allow for one-way operation
into the garage on the surface street just south of the Exhibition

Council Bill Number: 113205
Ordinance Number: 119937

See there they defined an event having 25,000. I don't know what the rule is with overlapping events. I'll check it out.

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