Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chris Hansen's Sodo arena plan: Seattle Storm should be more than an afterthought | Opinion | The Seattle Times

Councilmember Godden,
The responsibility of what happens to and in Key Arena is the city's responsibility. 
As I am sure you are aware, the lease the Storm has with the city regarding Key Arena makes the city responsible for making the Storm whole due to remodeling/alteration to the facility.
As chair of Libraries, Utilities, and Seattle Center I am a little puzzled that you chose to have this policy discussion in the newspaper. 

It seams like a great policy discussion for your committee to have now, and could have to deal with in the future. 

Although, I guess, Mr. Hansen would probably have to have some indication that discussions about the Storm would have a purpose. He doesn't even have an approved MOU, and you seem to imply in your newspaper article that he is late to approach the Storm.

Some opponents of the arena might actually view meeting with the Storm as presumptive.

Your advocacy on behalf of professional basketball in Seattle is great to see. I am sure your oversite in your committee will ensure a resolution that both helps the Storm and protects the city's finances.

(ref Storm Lease, city compensation due to remodeling) 


A. Redevelopment Impacts 

The City will keep WBCOS reasonably informed of the City's efforts to redevelop KeyArena or have an NBA or NHL team as a tenant at KeyArena. The parties acknowledge that it is not feasible to redevelop KeyArena without impact on WBCOS, including some potential negative impacts; however, in the event of redevelopment, the City will use its best efforts to minimize negative financial and operational impacts of renovation and construction projects on WBCOS, subject to the City's other financial and policy considerations. The parties recognize that a redeveloped KeyArena and additional tenants can be beneficial to both parties, and share the goal of a successful long-term tenancy for WBCOS. 

B. Comparable Premises After Any Redevelopment 

Should any significant alteration or redevelopment diminish the City's ability to provide a portion of the Premises provided to WBCOS herein, upon completion of the alteration or redevelopment, the City shall provide the WBCOS a portion of the renovated premises with equivalent operational value. 


Peter said...

I think she meant that the storm are worried the renovation Hansen does to the key will make it a small concert venue or a conference room and it won't be suitable for the storm to play in anymore. I like the third option the city presented on the key to have it be a smaller multipurpose venue. The storm probably want that too. I think with where she stood before this almost sounds like an endorsement of the arena. She probably thinks (or knows) that they have at least 5 votes now, and she is stepping up for who she represents. I say from that letter, she's pretty sure it's gonna pass.

Mr Baker said...

I know she wrote a newspaper column for a few decades before she became a politician, and meant exactly what she had written. She wants the Storm to be taken care of in this discussion. The fact of the matter is that Godden is the chair of the committee responsible for what does or does not happen to Key Arena. It isn't Chris Hansen's problem, it is her problem, and she needs to take responsibility for which she was elected.

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