Saturday, July 7, 2012

Editorials | The Seattle Times = shills for Port of Seattle?

Another fact-free opinion from the Port, delivered at a cost of the newspaper subscribers of the Seattle Times.

Port tells the Seattle Time what to say. They print it. They deliver it. You pay for it. They also get a state tax break, so, we all pay for it.
If only they used facts in the Port's "editorial".

Did Peter Steinbrueck write that for you, Frank Blethen?

The fact is that every mass transit system that serves King County also serve the Stadium District.
The arena will provide $200 to $300 thousand dollars in new taxes to Metro Transit, accourding the King County's Dwight Dively.

Any other location would require a parking lot or garage, mass transit infrastructure, and mass transit service that has already been funded to serve the Stadium District.

The Port Speaks! Sodo arena: wrong location, bad plan, no public funds
Maybe to Seattle Times Editorial Board should get off their asses and go talk to Jon Talton. "If we pass this up, we're even stupider than we were on Seattle Commons and on the 1969 rail system that we could have had but instead went to Atlanta and was wasted. Let us shoot ourselves in the foot, reload, and shoot again. You will not get a better deal than this.." — Seattle Times economics columnist Jon Talton, June 27

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