Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For Sonics fans, What is fair, I think we know.

Council, oh council,
Will you find a way to get Sonics fans to inequitably pay for traffic improvements not required from Mariners, Seahawk, Sounder, and Storm fans?
I sure hope not.
I know Chris Hansen will look out for his bottom line, and the city government will look to get as much tax money as they "fairly" can.

In both cases, I'm paying for all of it. Nobody, not you, not Chris Hansen, is actually representing my interests.
At no point should Sonics fans, fans that paid for Safeco Field, and Century Link Field, have to pay one penny more in SoDo traffic mitigation than any other fan, citizen, consumer, in the Stadium District

Traffic for the Storm at Key Arena was a "benefit" worthy of compensation. Traffic in SoDo is a burden to be mitigated, as well as mitigating the burden of the Storm by having Sonics fans pay for that "fair" deal, too. The Storm was a revenue loser for Key Arena last year, everybody knows it, and it's not getting better.

This isn't a Christmas Tree to be decorated with money from my wallet.
Please be "fair" to everyone that is actually paying for this, that would be me.


Have a great day,
Mike Baker

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