Monday, July 23, 2012

The Seattle Times: Port lacks specifics in arena traffic worries

There is no data to show the Port can attract more ships in the next 25 years. In the past 10 years, its container volume has risen and fallen with the economy. Last month, a consortium of shipping companies moved its business to Tacoma, taking 20 percent of the seaport's business.

The Seattle Times: Port lacks specifics in arena traffic worries

They are in the business of freight mobility and yet they fail to regularly study the mobility of their freight. They take more than $100 million dollars a year in tax money every year and yet, they have no understanding of a key resource for their business.

The arena is going to help traffic for freight, know why? The only meaningful study on traffic will be done as part of the SEPA process for the arena. Chris Hansen will mitigate identifiable impacts, not improve, not make everybody happy, but mitigate. How will he know what the impacts are?
(Pay attention here, Port)
There will be a data collection and a study based on actual data.
Traffic will get better, by having Chris Hansen demonstrate how to recognize a key resource, mobility, and make a plan to do something about it.
See, people just forget, Chris Hansen also needs traffic to flow. His business depends in it. He recognizes it, and is planning to do something to help his business, using data.
Follow that example, Port, you certainly are not leading by that example.

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